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Curic&Curic (Private album)
The co-founders of Curic&Curic, Croatian-born identical twins Ivana and Marija Curic, have been recognized again in the fashion field as a talent among thousands of applicants.
Ivana and Marija have been chosen to be one of the five designers among thousands of applicants, to be a part of the first ever handbag designer incubator. 
Signal Brands & The Independent Handbag Designer Awards join forces in creating the Signal Brands Collective, the first-ever handbag designer incubator to design “hero bag” mini collections. 
“We are so excited for this opportunity as we are the only Croatian Designers that have been selected for the second time to be a part of the fashion incubator founded by prominent and awarded fashion powerhouses like IHDA Founder, Emily Blumenthal and Signal Brands who worked with brands like Guess, Nine West etc,” Ivana and Marija said.
Curic&Curic (Private album)
Curic&Curic is an eco-friendly brand and is founded by Marija and Ivana who were born in Osijek, Croatia, and now are based in New York. 
They won the Independent Handbag Design Award back in 2020 with their sustainable denim handbag Blue Dahlia.  
Signal Brands & The Independent Handbag Designer Awards join forces (Private album)
The sisters have also been involved in a number of charity events, using their talents to help raise money for worthy causes both in the US and in their homeland Croatia. 
(Private album)
More about the Signal Brands Collective here.


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