Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Jonatan Berggren will Get an Opportunity to Play for the Detroit Red Wings

With the team’s core of forwards, the Detroit Red Wings are providing Jonatan Berggren an opportunity to showcase his skills. With Kostin traded and without Dylan Larkin, the Red Wings have room to raise Berggren.

Even though the Detroit Red Wings made a trade deadline acquisition, there was some initial conjecture about what would happen next. Some were already considering a call-up for the Red Wings to consider, while others were considering deals.



Jonatan Berggren


Given that the Detroit Red Wings are now missing captain Dylan Larkin, it should be fascinating. The Red Wings struggle without Larkin, which leaves significant gaps in their lineup. However, given the current rumours, Jonatan Berggren will have an opportunity.

A chance to start with the Red Wings looks likely if the team wants to reward the former second-round pick. The opportunity will arise with Kostin gone following his trade and the team sans Larkin. According to Steve Yzerman, Jonatan Berggren will officially join the squad on Saturday at the first interval on Friday.


Jonatan Berggren


In an attempt to get Berggren to join the club that has been 11-7 without Larkin in the interim, Detroit is calling him up. They will watch to see if Berggren can give the squad a much-needed shake-up and support them as they try to secure a postseason spot in the final minutes.

Berggren has participated in nine Red Wings games this season, scoring two goals and dishing out three assists for a total of five points. However, Berggren has spent much of this season with the Grand Rapids Gryphons, where he hasn’t had many opportunities to showcase his skills.



Berggren has totaled 46 points in 43 games with the Gryphons, 19 goals, and 27 assists. For the Gryphons, he has played the role, producing some excellent offence and truly found his footing. Although some people are a little angry that Berggren is stuck in the minor leagues, he will eventually have his opportunity.

Rumors even surfaced that Berggren will be traded by the Red Wings before the trade deadline. He might have been out of there with the appropriate package. He will, therefore, continue to be a member of the team and be given another opportunity.

Upon Berggren’s return, it will be intriguing to watch what occurs. With the Vegas Golden Knights, who are arguably shooting themselves up the power rankings following their hectic trade deadline, he will have his job cut out for him in the opening game.


Detroit Red Wings


If Berggren can find a rhythm with the squad, maybe he can earn himself some time to stay with the Red Wings. Ultimately, Steve Yzerman stated on Friday that the organization will continue to contend as it moves toward a postseason berth by calling up and retaining the players they deem necessary.