Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Biden Vs Trump Michigan's Presidential Primary 2024: Here's Everything to Know as Trump and Biden Try to Solidify their Lead

In  Michigan’s Presidential Primary votes on Tuesday, both Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican former President Donald Trump anticipate crushing wins that will strengthen their campaigns ahead of Super Tuesday the following week.


Michigan's Presidential Primary 2024


Although there are still opponents for both candidates in their own parties, they are not a serious threat to the front-runners, who have both won every nomination this year.

Despite losing by 20 points in her home state of South Carolina over the weekend, Republican and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has pledged to continue her fight against Trump.


Haley, however, still received almost 40% of the vote, therefore the outcome was not as overwhelming as many pollsters had predicted before the contest. Some political commentators concluded from the data that Trump may not have as strong of a hold on the GOP as he claims.

Therefore, Trump’s task in the campaign on Tuesday is to pull off a resounding win that matches his enormous lead in the polls and supports his assertion that the primary contest is done.

In the meantime, Minnesota Democratic Representative Dean Phillips is laboring along in his campaign against the president, who has so far secured every delegate available. In New Hampshire, where he was a write-in candidate, Biden even defeated Phillips.


However, for the first time this cycle, Biden may see a coordinated resistance on Tuesday from voters incensed over his perceived reluctance to call for an end to Israel’s military assault into Gaza.

Democrats are being urged by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., to vote “uncommitted” in order to express disapproval of Biden’s position.

The early indication of the potential influence of progressive voters on the Democratic battle will come from the effect this bloc of opposition has on the total vote.

One of the crucial battleground states that assisted Biden in defeating Trump in 2020 was Michigan. In an effort to increase its influence on the presidential contest, the Democratic leaders in the state moved the primary election to early in the year.


In the lead-up to what is anticipated to be a rematch in the general election, Tuesday’s matchup is anticipated to further establish Trump and Biden as the leaders of their respective parties.

The polls will be open locally from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. It is permissible for voters to register and cast their votes on the same day.

Due to the state’s closed primary, registered voters are required to indicate their preferred party on their application. The nine-day early voting period began on February 17 and ended on Sunday. As of Monday, more than one million votes had been cast in the 2024 presidential primary.


In the Democratic primary on Tuesday, 117 pledged delegates are up for grabs. Only sixteen at-large delegates from the state will be awarded to Republicans based on the outcome of the primary. This Saturday’s state party conventions will allot an additional 39.

In accordance with the primary results, the 16 Republican statewide at-large delegates will be distributed; candidates must secure at least 12.5% of the vote to be eligible for any delegates. On March 2, the remaining 39 delegates will be distributed at the conventions of 13 congressional districts.

In the 2020 Democratic primary in Michigan, Biden prevailed in every county. In addition to the benefit of being the incumbent, he has a considerably weaker opponent than Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., whom he defeated by double digits in 2020.

Michigan's Presidential Primary 2024

94% of Michigan’s GOP primary that year went to Trump, who was seeking reelection in 2020.

He lost the general election against Biden by almost three percentage points.



Key takeaways of Biden Vs Trump:

On Tuesday both Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican former President Donald Trump anticipate winning big in Michigan’s primary elections.

The task for Trump on Tuesday will be to demonstrate that he can win by a margin that resembles his enormous lead in the polls more than his victory in the South Carolina primary last weekend did.

For the first time this election season, people who are incensed at Biden for allegedly failing to urge a ceasefire to Israel’s military incursion into Gaza may mount a concerted campaign against him.